A Kitten for Katie

Posted on June 6, 2017


When our kids were pretty young, Katie was probably six and John was about four, and things were going better for us financially, we were able to go on vacation to Disney in Florida.  While we were down there, Katie was making a wish, throwing a coin into a well as we went by on a boat ride and I told her that wishes don’t usually come true on their own.  Sometimes you need to let someone know what it is you want, what you’re hoping for, and if there was something I could do to help her, she should let me know.  She told in a sad tone of voice that this was the third time she’d wished for a cat, but she still didn’t get one.  She had never mentioned it to me before, but I immediately told her that when we got back home we would get her a cat right away.

When we got back to our house in NY, I dropped off our bags and told my wife that Katie and I had to go do something.  I knew that my wife, Frances, would be against the idea, so I figured it would be best to go get the cat first, and deal with the repercussions after.  Frances and I had a cat before we were married, so I knew she loves them, so I was counting on the fact that her anger would wear off quickly, and Katie was such a great kid and wanted one so bad I just had to get one for her.  So I took Katie to the local ASPCA to get a rescue kitten, and after looking at all of them, she narrowed her options to a pair of cute little kittens.  That’s when the lady running the place came over and started asking questions, and when I told her about John, my young son, she told me that could be a problem because boys are rough on kittens.  With that she disappeared into the back room as I assured Katie we would get a kitten somewhere else if it didn’t work out here, but she really had her heart set on one of the kittens now, because it began to meow and rub up against her hand through the cage.

The lady returned with some paperwork and asked me some more questions, and I assured her that I would make sure the kitten was well taken care of and that John would not be allowed to be rough with her.  She eventually relented, and Katie got to hold her new kitten.  The look of absolute joy on her face was so beautiful that my heart nearly exploded with happiness.  I donated the 100$ bill I incredibly had left over from our vacation to the ASPCA, and started explaining to Katie that her Mommy was not going to be happy at first, but that she shouldn’t worry about that.  I would take the brunt of it, and that her Mom would love the kitten in no time at all.  We just had to get through that first angry stage.

When we got home, Frances took one look at the cardboard box and the look on her face was priceless.  She growled at me “I hope that’s not what I think it is!”  Now, of course, Frances loves the cat as much as the rest of us do, and the cat is an integral part of the family.  Her initial apprehension was likely because she thought she would end up taking care of the kitten, and she was right.  I’m not saying that because I’m proud of it, just admitting that she was right.  But the decision to get the kitten for Katie was certainly the right decision, and it was a life changing one at that.

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