Mind Over Matter (The 12th Man)

Posted on August 10, 2011


Mind Over Matter (The 12th Man)

While most of the fans stayed home, hearing

The horrible weather reports all week

A foot of snow, fell thick and slow

On the few of us who made the show

     We go to see our team win games

     We go to see our team win live

     We go to drink and have a time

     Enjoy the day and feel alive

Hobbling on crutches, I went

With a cast over my broken shin

To see a football game, up endless

Slippery steps, to the nosebleed section

     We came to drink and scream and yell

     We came out here to raise some hell

     We came to be part of the scene

     We came out here to lift the team

First game I remember, another cold & snowy day

OJ broke 2,000 yards, most fans stayed home

That day, too. My Dad and I, at seven, stuck it out

He found that place, where we belonged… together.

     Thirty five years later, still rooting for our team

     Through good times and bad, many rough seasons

     Of rain and cold, ice and snow, we’re always there

     We brave the conditions for a few simple reasons

Moving beyond our physical selves

We are absorbed into the crowd

We see our energy lifting the players

We know we give our team an advantage

     Die hard fans, we like to think

     If we don’t mind the weather

     We endure, it doesn’t matter

     What it does to us

Mind over matter’s a simple thing

Brutal conditions are pushed aside,

We rise up and cheer… together

Filled with hope and pride

     We came out here to see a win

     We came out here to feel alive

     We came out here to seize the day

     We came to love our life this way.


(DISCLAIMER !   Do not drink if you can’t handle it!)

Let Go    (Grow up)

The complete confidence

Brought, then lost, through youth

Is temporarily revived

And sometimes thrives, yet

All the same


With alcohol.


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